If you hear of a new Christian movement or someone claiming God has spoken to them, what is your reaction? Personally, I tend to be sceptical. I can understand the response of the first people who observed the actions of Jesus. Having the authority to cast out evil spirits can't have been commonplace. The Bible tells us people … Continue reading WHOSE AUTHORITY?



The account of Mary and Martha is commonly divided into the traditions of the day and the women's character traits. It highlights how Jesus was challenging the status quo of gender equality. There is a lesson to be found in the conflicting attitudes of Mary and Martha. For followers of Jesus, it's also about living a … Continue reading BALANCE


After miraculously feeding 5,000 people, 1 the crowd proclaim Jesus is a prophet and consider making Him their king. They would've been reminded of the story of Elisha miraculously feeding people with bread during a famine. 2 Jesus also attracted the attention of the civil authorities. Herod Antipater (nicknamed Antipas) was the tetrarch (ruler of a quarter) of Galilee … Continue reading PROVISION