Leaving His local area of Galilee, Jesus progressed South. The capital city of Jerusalem was God’s chosen place for the offering of sacrifices. Every step took Jesus closer to His decision. To offer Himself as a sacrifice for sin. This would mean going through Samaria. The Jews avoided the Samaritans because of their bitter history. Just … Continue reading SAMARITANS



A crowd had gathered around a boy possessed by a particularly disruptive spirit.1 At the start of the chapter, the disciples had been given authority to drive out all evil spirits.2 But the demon causing the child's violent convulsions was more than a match for the disciple's faith. It challenged their focus and spiritual authority, it shifted … Continue reading SPIRITUAL FOCUS


After miraculously feeding 5,000 people, 1 the crowd proclaim Jesus is a prophet and consider making Him their king. They would've been reminded of the story of Elisha miraculously feeding people with bread during a famine. 2 Jesus also attracted the attention of the civil authorities. Herod Antipater (nicknamed Antipas) was the tetrarch (ruler of a quarter) of Galilee … Continue reading PROVISION


Last week we observed Jesus commanding nature and evil spirits. This week He follows on by displaying authority over sickness and death1. Throughout this event the two interactions with Jesus mirror each other: Character A man called Jairus Character A woman in the crowd High social status The leader of a local synagogue Low social status Unclean because of condition Dilemma … Continue reading TOTAL REVERSAL